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Raw Materials


A lot has been said about this raw material in this Project Profile itself. But this Raw material is freely available in Thermal Power plants. There are no taxes on this item whatsoever. Transportation charges are only to be attended by the entrepreneur.


Active powered lime is a requirement for giving the real aeration to the product. In phase 1 we can aim to buy the active lime directly. In phase -2 we can think of having backward integration and making a lime powering unit at site to have a more competitive advantage, we can also think of a lime burning kiln inside the factory premises.

The project financials however have not considered the costs of powering unit, and the lime kiln in this project.

Different qualities of lime are available, and depending on the raw materials, the mix design can be chosen to get the optimal quality of production.


This Project aims to utilize OPC cement as main binder material. It will give faster strength to the bricks, besides giving improved consistent quality. It also ensures a better cost effectiveness for the same. Using OPC will be a standardized practice. The other prime advantage of using OPC (compared to other binders) is its easy availability locally through nationwide Retail Network of Cement Companies.


Gypsum is easily available industrial product. This is available as an industrial byproduct of Fertilizer Plant. Gypsum is responsible to give long term strength to the Blocks.

Aluminum Powder

Finely ground Aluminum powder is used in very limited quantity (less than 0.5%), so that it reacts with active lime, and silica in base material to make the aeration, and swell the product, making it very light weight product.


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